Alex Trebek Has No Plans to Step Down as 'Jeopardy!' Host

As Alex Trebek faces a second round of chemo to treat his pancreatic cancer, fans are left wondering if the end of his “Jeopardy!” run could be upon them. Sources say that’s not the case. After an interview with Canadian TV outlet, CTV News , fans were concerned that Trebek’s health was...
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'I'm Not Afraid of Dying': Alex Trebek Opens Up About Cancer Treatment

"Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek told CTV News that he is “hanging in” there as he undergoes another round of chemotherapy. In an interview with the Canadian news network, Trebek said he is taking the steps needed to keep fighting the disease. “There’s little too much Alex Trebek out there,” he told...
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Alex Trebek Shades Terribly Boring ‘Jeopardy!’ Game

Thursday night’s episode of “Jeopardy!” was such a snooze-fest that even Alex Trebek had some shade to throw on it. While the game showed an abnormally high number of wrong answers, there were also at least ten scenarios which involved none of the contestants answering at all, Yahoo! reports. When...
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'Jeopardy!' Frontrunner's Winning Streak Comes to a Dramatic End

It seems the new “Jeopardy!” frontrunner’s winning streak has come to an end. Jason Zuffranieri suffered a dramatic loss on Thursday night’s game after 19 consecutive wins. While Zuffranieri can still take home the #3 title, his earnings are officially capped at $532,496. He’s still the third-...
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Math Teacher Is Coming for 'Jeopardy!' Crown With 19 Straight Wins

It was only a matter of time before someone came for James Holzhauer’s crown. Now, the “Jeopardy!” star may have met his match. New Mexico math teacher Jason Zuffranieri has gotten his “Jeopardy!” career off to a good start with a 19-day winning streak. The silent killer has swooped in with a...
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Alex Trebek to Resume Chemo After 'Numbers Went Sky High'

Alex Trebek will undergo further chemotherapy treatments for stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Just weeks after resuming his “Jeopardy!” hosting duties, Trebek announced on Tuesday’s episode of “Good Morning America” that he will have to continue chemo per his doctor’s recommendation, People reports . “...
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Alex Trebek is Back to ‘Jeopardy!’ After Cancer Battle

Jeopardy lovers got to see it themselves on Monday night: Alex Trebek is back! Trebek returned for the premiere of Season 36 of the game show. “Thank you, ladies and gentleman, and welcome to our show,” Trebek said when the episode started. “I truly hope you folks have enjoyed revisiting some of...
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Alex Trebek Returns for 'Jeopardy!' After Cancer Treatment

Alex Trebek is back to the “Jeopardy!” grind despite having gone through his rounds of cancer treatment. He’s now filming episodes ahead of the show’s 36th season which premieres in September. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Trebek is currently taping all new episodes for the new season which...
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Alex Trebek

Rare 'Jeopardy!' Ending Has Fans Shocked

In the riveting world of ‘Jeopardy!,’ fans just never know when the show will go from a low-drama, trivia game to a deeply competitive race to the finish line. Wednesday’s episode of ‘Jeopardy!’ showed the latter with a rare tiebreaking last moment. The game was between fellow high school seniors...
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Alex Trebek at Jeopardy! podium

'Jeopardy!' Hits Another Shocking Record

Things were pretty quiet for a while on the ‘Jeopardy!’ front until James Holzhauer started playing and setting records left and right - pretty quiet for 14 years, to be exact. And while his winning streak is over, his most recent episode earned the show its highest ratings in that 14-year span...
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