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Pile of Tires

DA of the Day: Burglar Gets Trapped Under Tires, Calls Cops

For our "DA of the Day" today, we take a look at the story of a wannabe burglar in Georgia who gets trapped under a pile of tires in a tire shop. Of course, he then calls 911 to help him get out.
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Expletive street sign

DA of the Day: Biker Crashes While Flipping the Bird

Dummy in Texas crashes his bike while giving the finger to another driver!
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Uber App

DA of the Day: Doofus Teens Try To Uber Their Bank Robbery Getaway

We've got double DA’s today! A couple of dumb kids didn’t think things through, and called an uber as an escape vehicle after a bank robbery.
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DA of the Day: Robber Takes Chicken When Opening the Register Fails

For our DA of the Day today we have a dummy robber who couldn’t get the cash register open at a New Orleans Popeyes restaurant, so he took fried chicken instead!
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DA of the Day: The UK’s Worst Bank Robber

Terence Cole is officially the UK’s worst bank robber. He’s been so bad at robbing banks in fact, that he was s pared a life sentence in prison by a judge !
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DA of the Day: Goofus Goes Back For His Drugs Left In Uber, Gallant Chalks Up a Loss

Our DA of the Day today left his drugs in an Uber, and was swiftly arrested when he tried to get them back!
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DA of the Day: Houston Man Gets The Most Regrettable Tattoo In History

Welcome to the Regrettable Tattoo Club, Mr Torres!
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DA of the Day: Thief Robs Store Without Mask, Dating Employee

Minnesota crook Quincy Gerrard Petty allegedly robs a store, forgets to put on his mask and it turns out he was dating one of the store’s employees! Cops quickly found him because he still had his Bob Marley hat on.
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DA of the Day: Man Shoots Himself in the Meat Section, Woman Crashes While Watching Netflix

Today, our DA of the Day is a man who ended up shooting himself in the groin in the meat section of a Walmart in Arizona.
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DA Of The Day: Man Cited For Alleged DWI Because 'The Jets Suck"

Today we have a man arrested for alleged DWI because "the Jets suck" and a man in a Flintstones smart car was cited for, well, being a dumba$$!
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