Wine Talk, Bad Dancing & A Street Corner Named After Joe

Friday, September 25th

Welcome to episode 43!

Anthony loves Joe's basement, Joe says it’s a conversation starter! He's got cool photos with Joe Torre, James Gandolfini & Michelle Visage…and it turns out Joe knows everyone!

Anthony’s big celebrity encounter was with Miley Cyrus. Joe & Anthony want to meet Taylor Swift, Joe says “She’s a regular person!”

Anthony asks Joe who the nastiest star he’s ever met, but Joe won’t rat anyone out! He said there’s one woman star that he won’t name.

Joe pokes fun at Anthony, saying he will definitely be in line to by the Gucci overalls that are covered in grass stains!

What’s the dumbest thing you ever spent money on? Anthony paid off his old lease just to get out of the contract, of course it was a Mercedes and he was only 17 years old. Speaking of cars, Joe had a Lincoln Town car when he was cruising down 86th street back in the day. Anthony thinks Joe needs a street named after him in Brooklyn!

Now on to Carol Baskin on Dancing With The Stars, Anthony thinks she murdered her husband & Joe doesn’t want to jump to conclusions.

Joe says there’s no more stars on DWTS! Joe reveals he competed in the Staten Island edition of Dancing With The Stars!

Joe piques Anthony’s interest by telling him there’s new WWE-themed wine with The Undertaker, and they talk about our boss Jim Ryan and his very high standards.

Joe & Ant talk about their favorite wines. Joe talks fancy stuff and Anthony likes the Moscato from Costco!

Now on to Burrata talk! Anthony went 90 days without it, Joe tried Mexican Burrata and loved it but he won’t give the restaurant a shoutout because they don’t "do the right thing!"

Joe is considering buying a Tesla, but he’s “got a guy” at the gas station so he doesn’t want to give up that perk!  

Anthony’s watching a ton of TV lately, he’s really into Chicago fire and Joe is really into Love it or List it! He’s also watching a BBQ cookoff show on Netflix.

Anthony won’t let Joe go on his admission that he watches Love it or List it, as he grabs his rocky road ice cream and binges! He also watches a couple of pool shows.

Anthony tells Joe to Google Kim Kardashian.....