Wil Wheaton Talks 'Big Bang Theory' Finale & 'Geeking Out' With Mark Hamill On The Big Show 5/10/18

Thursday, May 10th

Checking in on the star phone is Wil Wheaton! A guy you remember from the movie “Stand By Me” & the show “Star Trek: The Next Generation!”

He also (kind of) plays himself on ‘The Big Bang Theory’ which has it’s 11th season finale tonight!

Wil has been on the show over 20 times over the past 11 seasons and went from Sheldon’s nemesis to attending his wedding! Wil also talks about his time on screen with Mark Hamill and “geeking out” on the show when he got to see his old friend Jerry O’Connell from “Stand By Me!”

Catch the big Sheldon & Amy wedding on “The Big Bang Theory” season finale tonight at 8PM on CBS-2. Guests at the wedding include Kathy Bates, Mark Hamill, Jerry O’Connell and of course…Wil Wheaton!