WCBS-FM Remembers The Great Dan Ingram 6/25/18

Monday, June 25th

The radio industry, the Tri-state area and all of us at CBS-FM have lost a friend who happens to be a legend, the great Dan Ingram passed away June 24th at his home in south Florida at the age of 83.

Dan was an influence and inspiration to so many DJ’s through the years, including all of us at CBS-FM, whether it was his catchphrase "Hey, Kemosabe!" or putting listeners in "the honor group of the day."

He was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2007.

Dan Ingram was born September 7th, 1934 in Oceanside. He started his broadcasting career at radio stations on Long Island: Hofstra College, New Rochelle, and WALK-FM.

After bouncing around a bunch of radio stations, on July 3rd, 1961 he started at WABC and you couldn’t go anywhere in the area without hearing Dan and WABC! Many consider this time the glory days of radio and Dan was the poster boy!

On May 10th, 1982, Dan along with his longtime pal & Ron Lundy were on-air as the great WABC switched to a talk format.  From 1991-2003, Dan found his way to WCBS-FM in different capacities, most notably as a recurring host of the New York Radio Greats show!

He appeared as a host one final time on September 16th, 2007 as a New York Radio Great, a few months after CBS-FM returned from the JACK format.

Dan called in for the CBS-FM 40th anniversary weekend with Dan Taylor in 2012, his final time on our airwaves.

Dan Ingram will be missed by us all, thank you for the gift of great radio for so many years!