Steve Schirripa On His New Podcast 'Talking Sopranos,' Re-watching The Show After Many Years

Thursday, June 4th

The pride of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn Steve Schirripa is embracing his roots.

He played Bobby on the Sopranos and all these years later he is finally re-watching the show for a new podcast that fans demanded!

“We got approached about 6 months ago and we didn’t know if we wanted to do it” he says, “people were asking for it on social media and now we’re two months in.”

“Its been fun to watch it again because I hadn’t watched it in a long time….everyone got old except for me!””

Steve and Michael Imperioli host a new podcast called “TALKING SOPRANOS.” They are re-watching all 86 episodes of “The Sopranos” and deep-diving into each scene of every episode and talk about on the podcast! “These are two friends having lunch talking about something we did a long time ago.”

The biggest reward from the experience was getting the blessing from “the Godfather.”

“David Chase called and told us how much he loved it and he wants to be a guest” Steve says, “when we got his blessing we felt really good.”

And of course you can catch Steve as Detective Anthony on “Blue Bloods” Friday nights at 10pm on CBS-2, they just finished season 10 but it wasn’t a complete season because of the pandemic. “We are 2 and a half episodes short” he told us, “maybe we will make them up next season.”

We also took some time to reminisce about Steve’s time working casinos in Las Vegas, and he told us about the best and worst tippers from the late 1980’s & early 1990’s!

“Tony Danza used to give me 20’s, Johnny Russo from the Godfather movies, Jerry Lewis” Steve says of the good tippers.

“The cheapest tipper is Tiger Woods, the worst tipper in the history of tippers,” Steve says, “a friend of mine ran a PF Changs and hung out with him…she said I can no longer hang out with him anymore, he doesn’t tip anyone not even the cocktail waitress.”

Listen to all episodes of Talking Sopranos at www.TALKINGSOPRANOS.COM where you can also watch video of each episode!