Snakes Bites Woman on the Buttocks While Sitting on the Toilet, Scott Shannon Becomes a CBS-2 'Weather Watcher' & More

Monday, January 28th

Good story to start the week! A woman in Australia gets bit on the buttcks by a python while she's sitting on the toilet! We get into the graphic details....

Scott has been bugging John Elliott about it and now it's official, he is a CBS-2 Weather Watcher....but does he qualify for the job? Scott supposedly has a weather station that consists of a:
Anemometer (Wind Speed Gauge)
Wind Vane
Rain Gauge
Humidity Sensor

In Scott’s official weather watcher bio, it explains that he’s been monitoring the weather since 1983 over at Secaucus, NJ. He moved his weather station over to lower Manhattan in 2014 and he NEVER misses a chance to weather watch!

Plus we recap the SAG Awards and talk about a guy from Arizona who performed life-saving CPR on someone because he remembered the technique from an episode of "The Office!"