Shopping Issues, Vacation & Don’t Touch Joe’s Stuff!

Thursday, July 23rd

We start out episode 41 with outdoor restaurants. Anthony went to Bay Ridge with his dad and couldn’t believe how crowded the restaurants were.

Joe & Anthony go at it about shopping, Joe says Anthony’s girlfriend must be going crazy because she can’t go on a shopping spree, while Anthony accuses Joe of spending too much time at Homegoods with his wife.

Anthony is not taking any vacation this year because he has nowhere to go, he’s having a hard time trusting any hotels & airlines right now because of the pandemic. Joe gives suggestions on staycations that make no sense to Anthony.

When told Walmart has cancelled black Friday, Joe tells a story about a “thing” he has where he can’t touch anything used. He won’t read a newspaper if someone already read it and he can’t buy something like a TV if it’s not sealed in the box or has been touched by anyone else! He won’t take an open box TV for 70% off because it was touched!

Joe makes a surprising joke about Louie’s wife’s walk-in closet & urges Anthony to “get out there” and do more handywork. He feels it’s his job to “school” him in the right direction.

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