Sheryl Crow On Her Final Album 'Threads,' Living Happily in Nashville

Wednesday, September 4th

"I could not be more happy than this moment" 9-time GRAMMY award winner Sheryl Crow proclaims when she sits down with the big show, "It's great to be on the other side and not competing with the other kids at pop radio."

Sheryl's sold over 50 million albums and has worked with everyone, but after all her success, this moment is where he wants to be.

"I am so happy, can I just say that it's so not cool," she says, "I'm so not tortured's the best!"

Sheryl’s happy because her new album “Threads” is out now, her final album has her collaborating with some of the biggest names in the business like Keith Richards, Joe Walsh, James Taylor, and Eric Clapton. One track that stands out is “Prove You Wrong” featuring Maren Morris and Stevie Nicks!

Another aspect of her life she's happy about his her move to Nashville, "the people who live there are very protective of their musicians" she says, "they want music city to be about the music and not the celebrity."

'Threads' is in stores now, at Amazon and on iTunes.