Sebastian Maniscalco Talks Johnny Carson, Dinner With AROD, Family Quarantine and The Pete & Sebastian Podcast

Thursday, July 23rd

Sebastian Maniscalco recently filled in as host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and he quickly realized that the comedy of late-night TV is a very different type of comedy, especially during a pandemic.

“You’re doing 7 minutes of material off a teleprompter” he says, “which I don’t believe comedy should be read, I think it takes you out of the moment.”

Sebastian references Johnny Carson as the one person who could make late night comedy sound naturally great.

“I think he was the best at doing that, making it sound like it was a conversation he was having in his living room…that’s what I’m striving to do, my goal is to make it sound as easy as he did.”

Sebastian interviewed Alex Rodriguez while hosting, and shared a story about the time Alex invited Sebastian to dinner.

“I met AROD this year, we wound up playing in a celebrity golf tournament” he says about how they wound bringing their families together for dinner. “I was making fun of him (during the dinner) because he had a full-blown camera crew with him on the golf course for his Instagram!”

“We bust each other’s chops and the dinner was very nice.”

Sebastian & his comedian friend Pete Correale get together once a week to create The Pete And Sebastian Podcast. A comedy show with stories and comedy bits. They've been doing it for 7 years.

“It’s been flying kinda under the radar” he says, “It’s been a passion project for both of us, we get on we talk about our personal & professional lives, it’s not guest driven.”

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(Photo by Brian Higbee)