Rick Allen Talks Def Leppard 'In Preservation Mode,' The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame & His Passion For Art On The Big Show

Thursday, January 17th

Rick Allen has been a rock star since he joined Def Leppard at the age of 15, and all of his hard work as a drummer will finally be recognized March 29th when he & the band are inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame at the Barclay's Center.

"We kinda dismissed it because we've been on the books since 2005" Rick says about the band being snubbed by the rock hall for years, but the newly introduced "fan vote" pushed them over the top. "We blew everybody else out of the water with the amount of votes, which was terrific"

When it comes to the band, he puts things in perpective, "we were responsible for killing a few brain cells back in the day," but things have changed as the band has aged. "We're in preservation mode at the moment" he says, "wives & kids & keeping the whole ship sailing" is the primary objective of the older, wiser Def Leppard.

Now that the band has accomplished one of their biggest goals, Rick gets to focus more on his other love of art! "Im really passionate about it, especially the legends pieces" he proudly says. "I moved on to John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix and my latest piece David Bowie, these were all people who influeced me and the band as we were growing up."

Rick's artwork from his latest collection “Rick Allen: Legends & Dreams” will be on display for purchase at Wentworth Galleries! Meet Rick at the Hard Rock in Atlantic City January 18th from 5-8pm, the Short Hills Mall January 19th from 5-8pm & King of Prussia in Pennsylvania January 20th from 1-4pm! All purchases receive a special limited edition print commemorating Rick’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. A portion of each art sale benefits his foundation Project Resiliency which helps veterans. RSVP’s are strongly suggested - WENTWORTH-ART.COM for more info!