Plastic Bag Ban, Who is Tony Bennett? Anthony’s Bachelor Party Itinerary Revealed

Wednesday, February 19th

Episode 38 of the Brooklyn’s Own Podcast starts off with the plastic bag ban ready to go into effect March 1st in New York, and the chaos & confusion it’s causing.

Somehow Joe thinks climate change activist Greta Thunberg is responsible for the plastic bag ban…..which she clearly is not!

Anthony says he doesn’t know who Tony Bennett is, then says he remembers him from almost falling off the Sesame Street float during the Thanksgiving Day Parade, this obviously causes outrage in the room.

Joe asks Anthony about his Valentine’s weekend and things get too personal, Anthony reminds Joe that his girlfriend’s mother Olympia listens to the podcast, Joe says Olympia…like Olympia Dukakis, and Anthony says he has no clue who that is, never heard of her!

After some talk about toll beating, Joe asks Anthony when he’s going to propose, and then plans out his bachelor party which for some reason needs to include “fire trucks and German shepherds.”

The podcast comes to an end when Louie’s dogs start barking so loud we couldn’t continue, not the first time it's happened...