Peter Gallagher Talks Palm Springs, Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist & Golf with Brad Blanks

Thursday, July 16th

Peter Gallagher has been acting since 1980 on Broadway, Film and television. In 2003 he played SANDY COHEN, the lovable dad in hit teenage drama, THE OC on FOX TV.

In 2005, he released a record called 7 Days in Memphis on the SONY/ Epic records label.

He is in the new Andy Samberg movie, “Palm Springs” released on HULU where he plays a dad again!

His TV job at the moment is also playing a dad in the NBC musical sitcom, “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” - this show is definitely a Scott Shannon show!!! Episode 1 is a heart breaker…..high up in the "Scott crying" rankings! This can also be seen on HULU.

He also tells a ripping GOLF story about Jack Lemmon and brings back old memories for Scott and Patty!

~Brad Blanks