Paul Reiser Talks Stranger Things, Mad About You Reboot And His Love For Comedy

Wednesday, October 3rd

Paul Reiser is so busy! He plays Dr Owens in the Netflix smash hit 'Stranger Things,' he's co-starring with Christina Hendricks in the new Amazon series 'The Romanoffs,' he plays Kate McKinnon's dad in 'The Spy Who Dumped Me,' and yet he's taking time out of his busy schedule to do a string of comedy shows, including a big one at the St.George Theater on Staten Island! Why? Because he loves it and appreciates the fans' effort in taking their time out to see him! "You gotta get up, you gotta put on shoes, you gotta get a babysitter" he says, "if you come to my show, and you're not fully satisfied i'll come back next year and take you to see someone funnier!"

On top of all this, Paul is in talks to reboot his great comedy "Mad About You" with Helen Hunt! "Actually, it'll kinda be fun" to reboot, "there's actually some stories to tell!"

If faced with the decision to bring back 'Mad About You,' Pauls says he'd have to cut back on calling us to save some time! "I know you don't air it every night, but i call you every morning at 5am!"

You can see Paul Reiser's comedy show at the St. George Theater in Staten Island October 6th, get tickets at