NFL Legend Terry Bradshaw with Brad Blanks at Super Bowl LIV

Friday, January 31st

The Terry Bradshaw saga continues! Here's a quick backstory for those who missed it:

Back in December, Terry Bradshaw called the big show to promote his show at the Borgata in Atlantic City, but he didn’t expect the response he would get from a certain big show member (who could THAT have been???).

With Brad Blanks down in Miami on radio row for Super Bowl LIV, it was his mission to hunt down Terry and see if he remembered the interview... and more importanty find out if he was mad at Scott....

It took Brad two hours to find him but he succeeded, and they allegedly did the interview while on an escalator!!!!! Brad says Katie Couric even said hello to them as they were talking. 

Listen to Terry's response to that legendary first interview and check out Brad's other interviews from radio row including 2-time Giants Superbowl champ Bart Oates, Cornhole legend Cody Henderson and hall-of-famer Jack Youngblood of the Rams!