Michael Rapaport talks Lebron, Standup at Carolines and His Radio Roots

Thursday, October 17th

New York native Michael Rapaport stopped by the big show to promote the 5 big standup shows he's doing at Caroline’s on Broadway October 17-19 2019 (get your tickets at www.CAROLINES.COM) It's Michael’s first time doing standup in this big NYC venue!

He also took time to talk about the LeBron James controversy, his very popular “I Am Rapaport Stereo Podcast” which reaches over 3 million monthly listeners ans his recent guest spot on “The Simpsons” as Mike the power plant intern, the first person ever in Springfield to show Homer respect! 

Michael also touched on his radio roots! His father David Rapaport was a radio executive & general manager of “Disco 92” WKTU, the home of Paco, who sadly just passed away (Remember “Paco Panties??”).

Check out the podcast at www.IAMRAPAPORT.com