Maury Povich Talks Lie Detector & Paternity Tests, His Dog Birdie On The Big Show 10/30/18

Tuesday, October 30th

Maury Povich has become the king of the lie detector test! He’s been doing it for 21 years on his hit syndicated show “Maury” and it’s become an institution!

We got into deep discussion about his beginnings: “We started together” Maury said, “we were rookies at the same time,” to his time on “A Current Affair,” the birth of the lie detector phenomenon and so much more when Maury stopped by the studio (with his 7 year old golden retriever “Birdie,” named after one of his favorite things to do….golf!).

“It’s the best job in the world” Maury says about his show, “I’m kinda like a glorified school teacher, I finish in April and I go back to work in August.”

When talking about “Maury” he says authenticity was key in creating the drama! When he did his first paternity test many years ago, he explained “I don’t wanna know the result, I don’t want to know anything more than anyone else.” And when the signature line “you’re not the father” was created, he was just as surprised as much as anyone else.  

The Maury show is taking its famous lie detector test on the road! The “Truth Truck” is crisscrossing the US to give fans an interactive experience with one of the show’s most iconic segments. Head to Washington Square Park October 30th to take the lie detector!

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