Maury Povich Shares Details on “The Maury Game: You Are Not the Father”

Tuesday, November 12th

Maury Povich has conquered TV for decades between “A Current Affair” and his 22 years and running mega smash “MAURY!”

But the king of the paternity test has something new that could re-introduce him to a new generation of fans!

He’s got a new board game “The Maury Game: You Are Not the Father” based on his famous paternity tests. You get to clear your name as the daddy “Maury style” with this hilarious party game that’s for adults only!

It comes out November 27thon, just in time for the holiday shopping season.

And as always, catch season 22 of “MAURY” weekdays at 3pm on PIX-11 with bonus episodes airing mornings at 10am.