Lindsey Vonn Reluctantly Parts With Her Iconic Ski Suits For Charity

Friday, October 16th

She’s an Olympic gold medalist, 4-time World Cup champion & considered by many the greatest alpine skier of all-time, but Lindsey Vonn is struggling with a big decision she has made.

She’s put her iconic ski suits up for auction to benefit The Lindsey Vonn Foundation, helping young girls realize their dreams.

“We try to encourage girls to be more confident” Lindsey says, “the main reason is because we want to inspire these girls. Sometimes girls just need a little push to know they can do it.”

That desire to help, along with limited fundraising opportunities because of COVID-19 forced her to put items in her personal collection up for auction.

“I’m like a hoarder, I never intended on selling it (the suits)” she says, “I’m selling them, I’m not happy about it but I’m happy it’s helping the kids.”

Some of the iconic ski suits are very likely to bring in serious money.

“There’s Captain Marvel, Captain America, some suits I designed myself” she says, “I don’t want to sell them but I hope we make a bunch of money for the kids.”

“These kids really need help because most of them are not actually able to go to school (because of COVID-19)."

Lindsey is holding the online auction every Friday through November, with all funds going towards The Lindsey Vonn Foundation.

Other items being auctioned include Lindsey's US Ski Team jackets, backpacks, helmets & so much more.

You can see all items for auction here:

Lindsey also talked about her fiancé, New Jersey Devils Star defenseman P.K. Subban.

“He has some nice pearly whites and I hope he stays the rest of his career without losing them” she says of his teeth!

In August of 2019, Vonn got engaged to Subban, and in December 2019 she returned the favor and did her own proposal to P.K.!

“I want everyone to know we’re engaged” she told us on her decision to propose back to P.K. “He plays defense on the ice and I play defense off the ice!”

Their wedding was postponed because of the pandemic, but she’s hopeful to reschedule soon. “Hopefully covid dies down for many reasons, but so we can have a wedding.”

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Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images