Liberty DeVitto Embraces Forgiveness in His Memoir “Liberty: Life, Billy and the pursuit of Happiness”

Monday, July 13th

Liberty DeVitto is one of the best known drummers of his era, helping Billy Joel sell over 150 million records, and now he is telling his life story in his memoir “Liberty: Life, Billy and the pursuit of Happiness” out July 14th at and

The book begins with a foreword from Billy Joel, which didn’t seem possible until recently. Liberty last played with Billy’s band in the mid-2000’s, and his departure was unceremonious.

We learn through Liberty’s book that the issues between the two turned out to mostly be a gross misunderstanding! Liberty built up the courage to send Billy an email to start the process of burying the hatchet!

"None of the bad old stuff was never brought up, It was just two old friends sitting having breakfast together" Liberty says of his meeting with Billy.

"I'm glad i did it," he tells the big show. "It's a real weight off and it's great to have my friend back again...that's what the story's about."

Liberty also writes about growing up on Long Island, his family immigration story from Italy, his father being part of the NYPD and of course his time with Billy Joel.

Liberty was the drummer on 13 platinum Billy Joel albums that have sold over 150 million copies. He wrote & performed the drum parts on 22 of Billy’s 23 top‐40 hits and all 6 Grammy‐winning recordings.

Liberty’s story is a tale of an Italian‐ American kid who followed his dream and attained unimaginable success, only to see it crumble before his eyes, and ultimately experience a rebirth.

(Photo courtesy of Leland Bobby)