Kevin Costner Talks Yellowstone Season 3, New Music & Baseball With Brad Blanks

Friday, June 19th

Kevin Costner has starred in some of the greatest baseball themed movies of all time, from his character Crash Davis in Bull Durham to Field of Dreams to veteran pitcher Billy Chapel in For the Love of the Game.

Kevin talked a little baseball with Brad Blanks, saying he misses the game amid the pandemic. They also chatted about what’s to come on season 3 of “Yellowstone,” the concept album from Kevin Costner and Modern West, Whitney Houston, physical fitness & much more!

Kevin stars in the television show, Yellowstone. The 3rd season Premieres this Sunday evening on the Paramount Network. “Everybody wants what he has”Kevin says of his leading character, “let’s see where the writing takes us.”

Kevin's band Kevin Costner and Modern West is a country rock band and he has released a new record called Tales from Yellowstone.

Kevin tells Brad it's a concept album for the TV series and explains the intimacy of the songs, grabbing inspiration from his late father for the song “last time” and the last time they went hunting together.

Kevin shares a great story about hitting his first home run ever while filming Bull Durham. “I was an undersized kid for my age” Kevin says to why he didn’t hit one out of the yard in his early days.

But during the filming of Bull Durham he finally hit one out of the park against minor leaguers trying out for a spot in the movie, “after the first two swings I said to myself what are you worried about, you have a job” and he hit one out!

“It was just like one of those funny moments when you say, wow.”