Kevin Bacon And Michael Bacon Preview New Music From The Bacon Brothers

Wednesday, May 13th

The Bacon Brothers consist of two brothers, actor Kevin Bacon of “Footloose” fame and accomplished TV and Movie composer Michael Bacon.

Together they have been making music for over two and a half decades, including 9 albums, and while quarantined on opposite coasts they’ve found a way to create new music, enough to actually put out a new album!

We chatted with the bros via Zoom to get the latest on their work, including A brand-new Bacon Brothers single “She-Zee-Zee (Easy on my Eyes)” that's out now everywhere featuring Kevin’s wife Kyra Sedgwick in the music video!

Kevin wrote the song and when asked about the inspiration behind it he shares a story with us.

“There’s a line in the song which says ‘like the perfect pink moment at the moment when the sunset dies’” he explains, “and in Ojai California they have this thing ‘the pink moment’ and people go up there and sit on the mountain and wait for the sun go down and just as it’s about to disappear the sky goes pink.”

He says that was the start of the concept of his writing, “that was really the start of the song, I was trying to write a song about the perfect pink moment.”

When asked what Kevin’s perfect pink moment is, he says it’s being with his wife Kyra, “It’s always like the perfect pink moment for me when she walks out.”

Michael shared the news that another Bacon Brothers album is almost ready and it’s a bit of a surprise.

“We now have 10 new sides which are gonna be a cd which is gonna be released in mid-July” Michael says. “We really didn’t expect to put out another cd but all of a sudden the songs were there…it’s great timing and I think we’ve used our time of being at home well”

We asked Kevin about some of his most popular movies, “It’s cool man…I have a lot of gratitude for the films I’ve been able to be in…..i got a lot of fondness.” And he told us a great story about the first movie he was ever in, Animal House.

“Animal house was my very first movie so it holds a special place in my heart” he says, “because I’ve never been on a movie set before…walking in and seeing all that chaos and realizing that it took that many people and that much time and that many different jobs and all this crap that I just had no idea went into making a move, my jaw was just on the floor.”

Kevin puts a bow on the fond memory, “within probably my 2nd day of shooting I realized this was my home, this is where I needed to be, it was very special.”

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