Kathryn Newton Talks "Freaky" With Brad Blanks

Thursday, November 12th

Brad Blanks caught up with 23 year old actress Kathryn Newton. She's a rising star & gets the lead in the new movie "FREAKY,"​ a horror/comedy spin on the classic body swap movie, "Freaky Friday."  

(remember Lindsey Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis swapping bodies in Freaky Friday?)

The movie also stars Vince Vaughn, who plays a serial killer that swaps bodies with Kathryn’s character!

So Kathryn roams around her school & neighborhood as a serial killer with a chainsaw and Vince Vaughn acts like a high school girl trying to get her body back! 

Kathryn grew up on a golf course in Orlando and played college golf. She owns three poodles! Kathryn can also be seen in the HBO series "Big Little Lies!" 

"Freaky" hits theaters Friday, November 13th!