Julia Gargano On The American Idol Finale, 'I Can't Believe Where I Am Right Now'

Thursday, May 14th

Julia Gargano is just happy to be here.

She's made it to the season 18 finale of American Idol, with the top 7 quickly becoming the top 5 before they battle it out to win it all on the same night.

Just a few short months ago she was an unknown contestant who told the world "I’m annoyingly proud to be from Staten Island.”

From that point she wowed the judges with her audition and now she's got Katy Perry's full support and drive-by parades of fans and friends passing by her Staten Island home to wish her luck!

Despite her newfound recognition, she's humble when it comes to the possibility of winning it all on American Idol.

"Not to sound corny but it's the absolute truth" she tells us, "every round i make it past, it's just absolutely unbelievable in my brain, i cannot comprehend it." 

And she's not afraid of NOT winning if it comes down to it.

"As much as i would love to win the show" she tells the big show, "i can't believe where i am right now, i can't believe it's the finale this Sunday, i just can't..."

"Whatever happens, I'm just the happiest girl in the world."

You can vote for Julia by texting the number that appears after her performance or on the American Idol app, you can vote up to 10 times on each platform!

The two hour season finale of American Idol airs Sunday, May 17th at 8pm on ABC-7.