Julia Gargano on life after American Idol, Recording a new EP

Friday, June 5th

It’s been just a few short weeks since the American Idol finale, and Julia Gargano is using the momentum from her top 7 finish to move her career to the next level.

“I felt a lot of pressure to keep my career going upward, she says, “Our college allowed us to go into the studio and now I have three new songs coming out this summer.”

The Westerleigh, Staten Island resident just graduated from the College of Saint Rose in Albany and she’s been holed up at the communications center of the college recording tracks for her upcoming EP!

The college gave her permission to use the studios with a small group of her former classmates, safely social distancing and out of that she now has an untitled EP set for release later this summer.

Julia is keeping the tracks under wraps, but it is a completely different sound from what you heard her sing on ‘Idol.’

As for American Idol, Katy Perry followed her on social media after the finale and she’s looking toward the future.

Most importantly, she can’t wait to play live again “I haven’t gigged in a long time" she says, "I’ve had a couple of friends on Idol from previous seasons that say the first gig after Idol is so much fun, you’re gonna have a bigger crowd than you normally do and there’s gonna so much more energy.”

“And I hope I do get to ride the wave before you're just American Idol contestant number 7!”