Jordan Peele Talks 'Us' With Brad Blanks, Eddie Money Celebrates His 70th On The Big Show

Wednesday, March 20th

Brad Blanks caught up with Jordan Peele, the comedian-turned-horror-director of “Get Out” has a new movie coming out March 22nd called “Us” that’s being hailed as one of the greatest modern day horror movies! Someone on the big show didn't quite get Jordan's doppelganger references when describing the movie to Brad!

Eddie Money checked in to share his joy on turning 70!

"I feel great” Eddie says, “My weight is down I still have my hair, my wife loves me and my kids aren't in jail!"

Eddie's celebrating his 70th with a birthday bash at the NYCB Theater at Westbury March 21st with special guest John Waite. Tickets on sale at