Jo Koy On Nordstrom, Vegemite & Climbing The Comedy Ranks

Wednesday, January 16th

He was so good the first time we had to invite him back! Jo Koy has been around a while but he's quickly climbing the comeidan ladder and is getting closer to the top!

Jo met Brad Blanks for the first time and we learned that his Australian accent is pretty badm more importantly we learned that his mom entered him into talent competitions when he was a kid, mostly dressed as Michael Jackson, "i'm trying to eat a hot dog with a sparkly glove and now my mom's pissed off...she sys 'does Michael Jackson have ketchup on his glove!!'"

Jo worked in the shoe section at the Nordstrom rack while he was working his way up the comedy ladder, and he has fond memories of the whole experience, "they didn't let me touch the cash but the shoe apartment was impeccable...they knew Jo was on the floor!"

Jo watched Bird Box with his son and wondered if his little guy could do ANYTHING blindfolded!

Jo is playing a sold out show at Caroline's January 16th and the Paramount in Huntington January 31st, get tickets at


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