Jim Breuer Talks About His Paramount Residency, Opening For Metallica & Being 'The Forrest Gump Of Comedy' On The Big Show 5/14/18

Monday, May 14th

Jim Breuer is a lucky guy! He's got a hot comedy residency at the Paramount in Huntington, Long Island that keeps selling out, and he was asked by James Hetfield to open for Metallica on the next leg of their 'Worldwired' tour!

Jim is now calling himself "The Forrest Gump of Comedy" because he finds himself walking into these unbelievable situations! Jim talked about all this and we found out if Jim will be available to join us at the Summer Beach Blastoff May 25th!

You can grab tickets to show #7 of his Paramount residency August 18th this Friday 5/18 at 10am at Ticketmaster dot com.