Jerry O'Connell previews his New Show "Jerry O," listening to "Mr. Shannon" on the Big Show

Monday, August 12th

You remember this young man from the hit movies ‘Stand By Me’ and ‘Jerry McGuire, among numerous other projects, and now he’s a talk show host!

Jerry O’Connell joined the big show to promote his new show ‘Jerry O’ which is running on FOX TV stations around the country. The premiere episode is August 12th at 10am on FOX-5 in NYC!

Jerry shared memories of his New York upbringing and listening to Scott Shannon throughout the years. "Mr. Shannon" Jerry proclaims, "what an honor to talk to you, wow...i'm actually calling for advice for as what to do with this "Jerry O show!"

"Jerry O" is getting a 3 week preview run in Wendy Williams’ studio while she’s on hiatus. Kelly Ripa will be his first guest in return after Jerry spent a period of time as her temporary co-host before Ryan Seacrest eventually got the job.

Jerry admits "I have no clue what i'm doing and they gave me a show and now i'm really nervous and scared."

Upcoming guests include Jim Gaffigan and Jerry Springer, while mystery guests will appear starting August 16th.