Jeff Garlin Talks Curb your Enthusiasm & Doing Whatever He Wants On The Big Show

Wednesday, April 10th

Jeff Garlin is at a point in his life where he can do whatever he pleases -- if he does not want to do press for an upcoming project, he doesn't do it! "At my point in life, if it's not joyful I'm not doing it," he says, but when he likes something or someone, he's all in, and the Big Show is lucky to be on the list of Jeff Garlin's likes!

"I'm here because i like coming here, they give me the list in advance...everything in my life right now is about joy."

He just finished shooting season 10 of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' but he can't divulge any plot details. "It's my favorite season we've done yet, he proclaims. "Think of you getting pissed in a situation, and you go "i wish...." and Larry (David)'s awesome!"

Jeff says he gets excited when Larry David sends the outlines before each season.

Jeff says he just recently had his first alcoholic beverage. "I'm 56 years old," he says, "the other night in Chicago i had my first first it tasted like gasoline...alcohol hasn't been my problem it's been milk shakes!"

He's doing a reality show with Vince Vaughn & Tom Morello but he doesn't even know what the show is about!

Catch Jeff on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” on HBO and & “The Goldbergs” on ABC.

Jeff is doing standup at Caroline’s on Broadway April 11th through April 14th, get tickets at