Howie Mandel Wants You To Watch 'Deal or No Deal' In Your Underwear

Wednesday, June 12th

Our favorite judge on America’s Got Talent has brought back one of our favorite game shows ‘Deal or No Deal!’ Howie Mandel was back on the big show and he says we should watch 'Deal' in our underwear!

Why would we do that? Because there's money involved! There’s a new twist this season called the $100,000 lucky case sweepstakes, you get to play along from your couch during all first-run episodes, therefore watching with the underwear option!

We talk about Howie's spontaneous golden buzzer stomping in a previous episode and all the other great events he has coming up, including a run at his own comedy club at the Hard Rock in Atlantic City!

Here's what you need to know:
“Deal or No Deal” is back June 12th at 9pm on CNBC.
Catch season 14 of “America’s Got Talent” Tuesday night’s at 8pm on NBC.
Season 2 of “Animals Doing Things” airs Sunday nights at 10PM on the National Geographic channel.
Howie’s playing Howie Mandel's comedy club at the Hard Rock in Atlantic City August 16th & 17th. Get tickets at