Harry Connick Jr. On His Benefit Song “Stars Still Shine,” Binge-Watching & Frank Sinatra

Tuesday, July 21st

Harry Connick Jr. poured his heart & soul into the CBS special "United We Sing: A Grammy Tribute To The Unsung Heroes" which aired in June 2020.

In the special, Harry and his daughter Georgia took a road trip in an RV to thank and celebrate essential workers keeping us safe across America. Along the way he surprised essential workers with Zoom chats from celebrities!

“When Tim McGraw met these two truckers via a Zoom call it was just an emotional thing” Harry says. “It was an incredible feeling to see that.”

The special ended with a performance of an original song "Stars Still Shine." Harry wrote & performed the song in New Orleans, along with a gospel choir who wore masks & were socially distanced.

“Stars Still Shine” is available for download now on all digital platforms and all proceeds from the song benefit the Ellis Marsalis Center for Music in New Orleans (co-founded by Branford Marsalis & Harry).

Harry says “It’s something I wanted to write as a love letter to the men and women who keep our lives going.”

Ellis Marsalis was a mentor of Harry’s who recently passed away due to COVID-19.

Harry also spoke candidly about his current binge-watching obsessions, “24” and the Ricky Gervais Netflix hit “Afterlife.” “we’re watching two-three shows a night” he says, “we got a big problem binge-watching!”

Harry told a story about the time he performed for Frank Sinatra but screwed up the song and went to apologize, but Mr. Sinatra focused all his attention on Harry’s wife, Jill!

“I was singing at his 75th birthday party," he says. “I sang a song a song for him and totally messed it up.”

Harry was embarrassed and tried to make things right. “I kinda chased him down in the lobby, I gotta go try and redeem myself,” he says. “I grabbed Jill and ran up to the elevator and stood next to him.”

And then things got weird! “As he was about to get off the elevator I was waiting for these words of wisdom,” Harry says. “He completely ignored me, kissed Jill, and left!”

About the Ellis Marsalis Center for Music: Located in the 9th ward, the Ellis Marsalis Center for Music broadens opportunities for underserved children, youth and musicians by providing a safe, positive environment where children and youth develop musically, academically and socially through instruction in music and the arts, academic support, computer coding, basic food security & mental health support.

"United We Sing: A Grammy Tribute To The Unsung Heroes" is streaming now on CBS All Access & you can purchase the benefit song “Stars Still Shine” here.