Gabriel Iglesias On Sneaking Into A Chris Rock Show, His New Netflix Comedy Special

Tuesday, January 29th

Gabriel Iglesias appreciates his appearances on the big show, because he likes transparency!

His latest Netflix special “One Show Fits All” is out today and he was happy we told the truth about not seeing it yet.

“Thank you for being honest and saying you haven’t seen it…that’s very admirable” he says, “A lot of times people say they saw it and then I ask you a question about it and it’s like aww shoot!”

It’s the first time Netflix has ever done a 90 minute comedy special! Fluffy discusses his teenage son and encounters with Snoop Dogg & Chris Rock!

“It’s one thing when you meet someone and they invite you to go back stage” he says about sneaking into a Chris Rock show back in the day,  “it’s another thing when you’re that person that should be carried out by security”

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