Episode 26: Monsignor Jamie Gigantiello Talks the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Feast in Williamsburg

Tuesday, June 25th

We have a special guest for episode 26 of the Brooklyn’s Own Podcast, Monsignor Jamie Gigantiello joins us to talk about a Brooklyn tradition since 1903, the Our Lady of Mount Carmel feast in Williamsburg!

You’ve probably seen the Festival of the Giglio on TV or in various documentaries, and Monsignor Jamie gives us an in depth look into how all these men carry the gigantic 5 story tower!

We talk about Brooklyn traditions related to the Church, and of course we have to get in a couple of Cardinal Dolan stories!

The Our Lady of Mount Carmel feast runs July 10th-21st at 275 North Eighth Street in Williamsburg. The 12-day Festival of the Giglio is produced to support Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, following a centuries-old tradition that continues to hold deep religious and cultural meaning for many Catholics who live in Brooklyn or are returning to ‘the old neighborhood.’

Monsignor Jamie comes from St. Bernard’s Parish in Bergen Beach, and once served at Bay Ridge’s St. Patrick’s Church as well as at Mary Queen of Heaven in Flatlands. He’s also a great chef! Check out his show “breaking bread” on NET TV! Verizon Fios channel 48 & Spectrum channel 97. Or see it here: www.netny.tv/shows/breaking-bread 

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