Episode 22: The Easter Edition!

Monday, April 15th

Lots of Easter talk on episode 22 of the Brooklyn’s Own Podcast. Traditions, food, food and more food!

How do you celebrate Easter, Good Friday & Holy Thursday with your family? Go on a delicious journey as Joe Causi & Intern Anthony tell you about the great food they make to celebrate the holy days along with other traditions that have lasted through the years.

Of course, as it always does on the podcast, Chinese roast pork comes up and we are going to set up a debate as to whether this dish should be served at diners!

We debate other restaurant food as well, do you eat pasta at an Italian restaurant, is it a good indicator of the quality of the other food? This leads us back to the other longstanding big debate on the podcast...is it sauce or gravy?

Joe continues to keep us guessing with his personal life, and admits he wants to join the free masons!

Prepare for Easter with your friends from the Brooklyn’s Own Podcast, you never know if you hear about a dish or recipe you might like!