Episode 16: Steve Schirripa Shares Memories Of The Sopranos, Growing Up In Brooklyn & More

Friday, January 18th

Our first guest on the Brooklyn’s Own Podcast and it’s a big one, we got Bobby Bacala himself the great Steve Schirripa in studio for an extensive talk about his career! Of course we had to go deep into the Sopranos, looking back at the best moments, his character’s evolution and even if Bobby predicted the series finale’s final scene!

While looking for work after the Sopranos, Steve feared being typecast as an Italian wise guy. He says people would ask him to “Say ‘fugettaboutit’” and he’d respond, “I don’t say that, I’ve never said that in my life!”

Our wide-ranging talk goes into growing up on the tough streets of Bensonhurst back in the day. When it comes to the changes Brooklyn has gone through over the years, Steve says “Things went bad in the '70s, it was like the Warriors (movie)!” but “I like what they’ve done to Brooklyn, if you’re a kid in your 20s or 30s it’s a cool place to be.”

We get into Steve’s first big break when he moved to Las Vegas and some of his proudest (and luckiest) moments like getting Brian Wilson to do a reunion show with the Beach Boys!

We talked about his early roles as he reveals, Steve’s appreciation for Clint Eastwood & a big name actor that he’s not too fond of…“He’s not a nice guy, I don’t think he’s a good guy…I’ve been in his company, not happy, I have a hard time watching him….especially his new stuff, it’s garbage…” who is it???

Schirripa even enjoyed intern Anthony’s voice impressions!

Steve is one of the actors from the Sopranos that has kept his career steamrolling since she show’s end, and he talks about how he planned out how he was going to stay relevant and employed long-term.

Enjoy this extended talk with one of the greats!