Episode 15: 2018 Year End Review (sort of)

Thursday, December 27th

We tried our best to do a 2018 year-end recap but it just didn't work out! We started out ok but the conversation somehow drifted to Joe Causi's rule about tipping everyone with cookies! He spent 15 minutes on this, on a year end review...but that's why we love him!

We did get into 2018 and we also talked about the Lion King, waking up early for our jobs, vaping cigars, men using these new Ialian purses (which leads to Joe Causi potentially becoming a Hipster), Intern Anthony’s Youtube channel for voice impressions, our teachers who inspired us & taking the podcast on the road!

Thanks to everyone who's been listening to the podcast since we started it in August, we really appreicate the love...be sure to tell your friends & family about us because 2019 is going to be lots of fun!