Episode 14: The Super-Sized Christmas Edition! Christmas In Joe Causi’s Basement

Thursday, December 13th

Episode 14 of the Brooklyn’s own podcast is a special one, we’re talking Christmas!

We will get into Christmas Eve, which is bigger in some families than Christmas day! We’ll talk about the food, the feast of the 7 fishes, the importance of family, the nativity, the Christmas lights, Christmas shopping, old toys we got for Christmas and so much more!

With this being the BK podcast, of course we will meander a bit and talk about our radio colleagues Scott Shannon of CBS-FM and Karen Carson of WNEW and what they did in reaction to the "Baby it's Cold Outside" controversy.

And we will introduce you to “Christmas in Joe Causi’s basement,” an original piece that will instantly become one of your favorite holiday staples!

Enjoy the super-sized holiday edition of the Brooklyn’s Own Podcast, we will be back with more in the first week of 2019!