Epidsode 29: Girlfriend Drama, San Gennaro Feast Plans, Old TV Commercials

Monday, September 9th

"She will be controlling your life in the next 3 years" Joe Causi proclaims to Intern Anthony as tensions build over Anthony's girlfriend Stefanie (or is it Sabrina? or Daphne? we may never know).

Joe wants Anthony to "man up" when it comes to his relationship, and Anthony is finally fighting back after 28 episodes of verbal abuse!

We also talk about our plans for the 2019 feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy and we talk about those cheesy old public access quality commercials! Remember Fiberama? How about the old Roll n Roaster commercial?

We delve into the corniness of them all that we remember from Brooklyn and Staten Island cable TV.

And who are "Johnny & Jimmy??" Find out in episode 29 of the Brooklyn's Own podcast....