Dr. Oz on the PTSD of Covid-19 & More

Tuesday, June 2nd

Parts of the country feel a COVID-19 recovery has started, but Dr. Oz says the damage has been done with the stress caused from the past few months.

With racial unrest sparking protests around the country, the stress levels are not going away and we are in the midst of a mental health crisis.

“I recognize it’s emotion that will win this battle” Dr. Oz says, and the tension has hit a boiling point from everything happening at one time.

“People have been ready to boil over for a while, the pandemic certainly turned up the heat” he says, and for the racism the country is coming to grips with; “it’s forcing the country to come to grips that we’ve swept under the rug for a while.”

As for fears of covid-19 coming back in a big way, Dr. Oz has more confidence. “I don’t think so” he says, mainly because we now know how to suppress the spread through social distancing and a vaccine is not far away, “we have control over this.”

When we asked him about the first thing he wants to do once restrictions have been lifted, he immediately said get his hair cut! “My daughter Daphne’s been cutting my hair” Dr. Oz says, and he’s ready to let a professional take care of it.

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