Dr. Oz On Coronavirus, "I Feel Badly That The Country's Suffered So Much"

Monday, May 18th

Dr. Oz has been checking in with us frequently to talk about the constant evolution of the coronavirus, and we had to ask him flat out if he's sick of covering it.

"I feel badly that the country's suffered so much from it" he says, "a lot of Americans have a huge amount of fear about the virus."

When it comes to how we re-open the country safely, he's looking overseas to see how to do it. "We need to replicate what's been done in other parts of the world successfully" Dr. Oz says, "and i have a great amount of confidence we can do it."

Dr. Oz also talks about asthma and coronavirus, testing positive more than once, reopening NYC beaches, negative feedback on contact tracing and much more.

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