Dr. Oz On Alex Trebek, Potential Pfizer Vaccine & His COVID Defense Plan

Tuesday, November 10th

Dr. Mehmet Oz checked in this morning to share a few memories of Alex Trebek. 

They got to know each other because their shows are shot on the same lot, and Mehmet talked about the last time he saw Alex.

"The last time I was with him, we were having lunch backstage at Jeopardy" he says. "He takes me to this beautiful display of all the cards, letters and quilts that people made for him to show him that they were praying for him."

When he brought him to see this, it became clear to Dr. Oz how Alex was hanging on so long with such a dire diagnosis.

"That's what got this man up, he kept taping until the last possible moment...just being there because he cared about the audience so much."

Dr. Oz still practices medicine and says he sees this in a lot of patients.

"The realities that all doctors acknowledge, when there's a patient who is desperate to hang on, when their loved ones are with them they will keep hanging on...when the loved one steps out to get coffee, ask a question, they slip away."

He continues "they were waiting for that moment, so they can go in peace and you can go in peace."

Dr. Oz also talked about the new Pfizer COVID vaccine study that was successful in 90% of patients. 

"I'm stunned"he says. "All studies were looking at a 65-75% success rate, this would be incredible."

He also told us about his new COVID defense plan! It's a 5-day plan that will boost your immunity with everyday food, supplements and so much more! 

You can see the full defense plan at www.doctoroz.com/