Devon Levesque Shares His Plan to BEAR CRAWL the NYC Marathon For Charity with Brad Blanks

Tuesday, June 23rd

Brad Blanks interviewed a trainer he met through a friend that is BEAR CRAWLING the New York City Marathon.

His name is Devon Levesque, a personal trainer with 362,000 followers on Instagram. The guy is a freak!

Brad & Devin talk about the bear crawl, taking off the covid-19 pounds and improving that “junk in the trunk.”

Devon Levesque, a renowned fitness expert, entrepreneur and Partner of Performix House, will be the first person to embark on the historic feat of “bear crawling” 26.2 miles.

This November he will be taking on the incredible endeavor across the streets of New York City to raise funds for FitOps Foundation (, a nonprofit organization which holds month-long “live on” camps to train and certify veterans to become elite personal trainers.