Deborah Norville On Returning To The Studio For Season 33 of Inside Edition: “I’m A Nervous Wreck”

Wednesday, September 16th

Two-time EMMY award winner Deborah Norville is back in the studio to host season 33 of Inside Edition, and she’s cautiously roaming the halls.

“The company is doing all the right things” she says about covid-19 protocols, “but it makes me a little nervous when I walk down the hall and I see a guy with a mask hanging down his ear, that's not what you're supposed to be doing.”

Even though Deborah is just back to the studio, she did not miss a beat once COVID forced everyone to shelter at home.

“We got kicked out of the studios on March 11th”she says, “and March 12th we were doing it from my kitchen.”

Her determination to keep viewers in a familiar place has driven her since the pandemic.

“You’re a daily friend to the people who tune in” she says, “just to be there and be kind of be the way you always are is a real comfort during an incredible challenge.”

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On the September 16th  episode of Inside Edition - COVID-19 Guilt - During the height of COVID-19, a stepson lets his guard down at a party and accidently infects his entire family with COVID-19. His father ends up near-death in the hospital. INSIDE EDITION has an exclusive interview with the entire family, including the father and son, who gives a warning to young people about COVID-19.