Deborah Norville Discusses Liam Neeson's Racist Confession On The Big Show

Tuesday, February 5th

Deborah Norville checked in this morning to talk about what's coming up on Inside Edition, and one story she had to get in was a shocking admission by Liam Neeson!

Liam admitted in a recent interview he had violent thoughts about killing a black person after learning that someone close to him had been raped. 

He shared the story while promoting his latest movie "Cold Pursuit" and called his reaction “horrible,” saying it taught him a lesson about the primal need for revenge.

Deborah says of Liam's remarks "if you just repeat it in your head it will generally prevent you from doing something stupid and maybe Mr. Neeson needed to know this...'first thing you do before you get in trouble, use your head on the double," something she taught her three kids when they were young.

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