Coronavirus, Movies & Award Shows, Causi the Rapper

Wednesday, February 12th

The sun is out and everyone's in a good mood for episode 37!

We try to understand why Parasite won the best picture Oscar! The Irishman got snubbed, and we wish Joe Pesci won an Oscar so we could see Marisa Tomei star in 'My Cousin Vinny 2.'

Mass hysteria over the Coronavirus has us doing strange things like Anthony throwing out his Chinese food when he sees the news. We imagine a disaster scenario with our Italian food being infected and how we would have to evacuate Staten Island.

Anthony & Louie say the award shows are not important anymore, Joe goes nuts when Anthony says he never heard of Harvey Keitel. We remember how sad Marley & Me is. Joe asks Anthony 5 times if he's seen "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood."

When asked about Eminem's performance at the Oscars, Joe tells us a great story about the time he was a rapper, back in his 92.3 days he did the rap on a commercial with the Sugar Hill Gang, and nobody expected him to be so good!

Joe spent a night hanging out with the President of Sicily, Anthony one ups that encounter by talking about him & his dad paying $500 to meet the Undertaker.