Constantine Maroulis On Nick Cordero, His New Album “Until I’m Wanted” & Being A Busy Dad

Wednesday, June 3rd

Two-time TONY award nominee, American Idol alum and the pride of Wyckoff, New Jersey Constantine Maroulis checked in this morning, and he’s a busy guy.

Very busy.

If he’s not homeschooling his 9 year old daughter Malena, he’s teaching master classes, putting out a new album, acting in movies and staying close with his ailing friend Nick Cordero.

First we start with the music. Constantine’s new album “Until I’m Wanted” comes out July 10th & the first single is called “Here I Come.” Pre-orders go on sale June 10th!

“I wrote all the songs” Constantine says, “and I’m just really proud of the work.”

“Not an ideal time to put out a record” Constantine says about the timing of the album, “with a pandemic and the country on fire, but maybe it’s exactly what people need.”

Constantine has done a bunch of tribute videos for his friend Nick Cordero who’s battling for his life because of COVID-19. He recorded a version of Nick’s song “Live Your Life” with Steven & Maureen Van Zandt!

“He’s a wonderfully talented just generous man” Constantine says of Nick, “we’re all so gutted over this unfair situation.”

“When he’s all better I can’t wait to get back on stage with him and rock out”

When it comes to golfing, Constantine is hesitant to get back on the greens, “I got a new set of clubs” he says, “but I don’t’ wanna be the guy on the golf course after all this, ‘like look at this jerk!”

But wait, there's more!

The movie “The 5th Borough” with Tara Reid comes out on demand today, June 3rd.

He also offers virtual master classes mentoring kids who want to pursue a career in the arts.

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