Comedian Brad Williams Brings The Laughs On The Big Show

Friday, September 20th

We made a new friend today! Brad Williams is a comedian who doesn't hold back, he gave us his no holds barred take on Dwarfism, working with celebrities like Dr. Oz & Dr. Phil, Ariana Grande and more.

We talked a little about marriage & relationships as well, as Brad's wife didn't tell her mom she was marrying a Dwarf, "i don't care how tolerant you are" he told her as they were ready to go through the door, "a 4 foot 4 man needs a warning!"

Brad's performing four shows at Caroline’s on Broadway! Two shows September 20th at 7:30 & 10pm and two shows September 21st at 7:30 & 10pm.

Get tickets at 

Brad’s podcast “About Last Night” is a mainstay on the iTunes Charts!

In addition to stand-up, Brad is guest and "friend of the show" to The Kevin and Bean Show on KROQ in L.A. and the Adam Carolla podcast.

Brad had his first one-hour comedy special, “Brad Williams: Fun Size,” on May 8, 2015 on Showtime. His second one-hour comedy special, Brad Williams: Daddy Issues, aired on May 20, 2016 on Showtime.