Chris Hardwick on Talking Dead, Comedy & His Radio DJ Roots

Thursday, October 3rd

He's a host, actor, comedian, writer, producer & podcast pioneer, but Chris Hardwick got his start as a radio DJ at the legendary KROQ in Los Angeles!

Chris recalls some big names coming out of that station like Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla & Carson Daly.

When it comes to the many hats he wears, Chris puts working in the entertainment business in perspective.

"You know, this business" Chris says, "you have to build this career where you have a lot of stuff you are juggling because you never know which one is not going to exist anymore at any given time."

When it comes to Talking Dead, the popular post-Walking Dead discussion show on AMC, Chris is proud of how things have turned out. "I was a huge fan of the 1st season of the Walking Dead and the comics....a show that talks about a show!...."

When it comes to a talk show about a scripted series, Talking Dead is the first to succeed. "The company who created it (talking dead) did Andy Cohen's show." Chris Explains, "this worked for the real housewives so why can't it work for a scripted drama...and it did! We got lucky"

Chris is doing 5 standup shows at Caroline’s on Broadway October 3rd through the 5th! Get tickets at 

The season 10 premiere of “The Walking Dead” is October 6th at 9pm on AMC, followed by ‘Talking Dead’ hosted by Chris.

His popular podcast ID10T can be found everywhere you listen to podcasts, "You don't even have to explain anymore" Chris jokes about finding podcasts on the web, "if you want to find anything these days you just use the Google!" 

He’s also the host & executive producer of NBC’s hit game show “The Wall” which is set for a season 3 premiere this fall.