Brooklyn’s Own Podcast - Episode 11: Intern Anthony’s Voice Impressions, Joe Causi’s Disney Obsession

Friday, November 16th

It’s the discovery episode of the Brooklyn’s Own Podcast! We found out that Joe Causi was James Gandolfini’s body double for the final 2 seasons of the Sopranos & intern Anthony does great impressions, especially of the Sopranos characters! 

We start off talking about the new iPhone, how expensive it costs and how Joe Causi was a big CB guy back in the day (of course intern Anthony didn’t know what that was).

We also find out there’s another legendary movie Anthony hasn’t seen (Lethal Weapon).

We somehow gravitate to Disney World talk, which happens to be Joe’s obsession, he gives us tips on getting around & how some rides are weird to ride when you get older.

The final revelation is that Joe thinks he was a pirate in a previous life…’ll just have to listen.